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Our Mission

What Is HumanAbility?

HumanAbility is the new Jobs and Skills Council (JSC) selected by the Department of Employment & Workplace Relations to provide advice and leadership to the following industries:

  • Children’s Education and Care
  • Health
  • Human Services (including Aged Care and Disability Support)
  • Sport and Recreation.

HumanAbility works with industry stakeholders to research and articulate the jobs demand in our areas of industry, the needs of employers for future and current skills, develop qualifications and training packages that are responsive to and meet the needs of industry and lead workforce development initiatives.

How we work

How We Engage With Industries

We will partner with members, supporters and other industry partners to develop and deliver our projects and work.

Industry Advisory Committees will be established to steward our key industry plans and projects, working together to ensure we are focussing on the most impactful projects for our sectors.

Larger forums will be held each year, bringing together key stakeholders across four groups:

  • Industry Leaders: to explore directions for our industries and discuss the potential impacts for workforce and workforce development. This provides a future-focused lens to jobs and skills and reinforces industry leadership of our plans and work.
  • Education providers: to provide feedback regarding our qualifications, development opportunities and any issues they have identified as part of delivery and assessment.
  • Small & Regional Service Providers: to address the specific needs of small and regional enterprises and service delivery organisations.
  • Students: to hear from students currently undertaking qualifications that prepare them for future work in our industries.

If you or your organisation are interested in participating in one or more of the advisory committees when they are formed, please join the HumanAbility Partners Program to keep up to date with opportunities to apply. Pass the word to colleagues and contacts across our sectors as we are keen to ensure the widest and best possible range of voices are heard.

Who We Are

Our New Role

A new organisation, HumanAbility was established in 2023 by a group of Foundation Members - around 30 industry groups, employers, unions and consumer organisations with a direct interest in one or more of our sectors. That group of Foundation Members developed the plan for the new organisation and applied for the new role supported by a large number of other industry partners.

As an industry-led organisation, we have a major role in ensuring that plans for workforce and qualifications are responsive and grounded in a deeper knowledge of the needs of employers and employees in our sectors. We will use the existing networks of our members and supporters, and build on them, to ensure that our work is well informed by stakeholders across the country and across our sectors.

HumanAbility collaborates with industry to conduct research, identify job market demands, assess skill requirements, create adaptive qualifications and training packages, and spearhead workforce development initiatives.

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